Hello again cyberspacians,

And mom and Steve, cause I’ m aware that you both and my teacher are about the only ones really reading this thing anyways…

So I am now over half way through my readings for this class, for this week. I’m presently taking a break from working on a fake grant application form for one of my other courses. All the short answers have been answered and now all that’s left are these huge answer boxes asking what my project is really about, and how it will benefit the community, and so on. Honestly, it just looks ominous and intimidating on the page and like it requires a level of effort I’m feeling a little too lazy to give right now…

( My friend Jiggers is in the library  next to me right now and just laughed at that last paragraph. I’m now distracting both myself from my financing in the arts homework, and distracting him from his art history readings with my incessant typing. Awesome.)

I’m writing all of this useless nonsense basically because I don’t really have much to comment on from my readings. The chapter about Youtube and feminism was interesting but the teacher did a pretty good job of covering it in class a while ago, so it was more of a revision and remembrance  than anything else.

I’m 2/3 through the internet community chapter. At which point my attention span died because its a 30+ page chapter and it’s reading week and that’s just what happens during reading week. I instead opted for drawing a picture that will eventually be part of a larger submission on deviantart.com. Or at least it will be if my attention span doesn’t short circuit again before then.

Well this was a long enough submission, Will get back to you later with something more intelligent to say… probably…  eventually…

till then, Adieu!

(p.s. While I’m thinking of it, deviantart.com would probably have been a really cool alternative subject to do a project on. )


Hello yall!

Alright so, after my last mid-term on thursday afternoon my brain  all but shut down and went into a much needed auto-pilot mode. Seriously, this is the second day in a row that I’ve slept for twelve hours and I just started to feel like myself again yesterday. I even have a canker. what am I like 8?

Anyways, so that explains the lack of postage in the second half of last week and I guess I’ll just have to post three times this week to make up for it. Not that there is that much to post since it’s reading week and I have no classes.

Man that’s nice to write. I have no classes. I have no classes. I have no classes. I. Have. No. Classes. Now if only the left over adrenaline and stress in the pit of my stomach would just go ahead and dissipate already and I’d be all good.

So the teacher seems to now be at a point where he has started to recycle his t-shirts. Or maybe charlie brown is really his alter ego and we just haven’t realized it yet…. hmmm…

Looking back on my project I only have one regret. When I started this school year, I gave myself one goal. To include Dragon Ball Z in one of my projects. And an essay on fanfiction that even mentions Slash fanfiction would have been a near ideal opportunity. But it just didn’t seem to be working, so sad. So I’ll just include a picture I found on the internet that I’m really fond of, that I feel really captures the essence of the rivalry between two of the main characters Goku and Vegeta. It will have to do for now, there is always next semester.

Now to catch up on my readings, I had to slack off for a while in order to do all the readings for my documentary. In which I apparently use too many big words. I get the teachers point, and I think he’s probably quite right given the medium, even if the piece  was directed towards an” informed professional” audience. But this is definitely the first time I get into trouble for having too big a vocabulary. I’d kind of like to think my english teachers would be proud. It’s this dang university education ;P : you get used to so many big words in all the texts we read that you come to assume that this level of english is normal.

Well, I’m now going to either do something very productive, or I’m going to go read mangas online…

till next time, Adieu!

so here it is, ladies and gentlemen,  my video!

Description: Using a variety of education sources including fan sub-cultures expert Henry Jenkins, I explore the realm of online fanfiction and how it relates to feminine discourse and reading practices.
I argue thathat Online fanfiction archives are a mass global platform for the institutionalization of feminine reading practices. A created sphere where women can examine, critique, debate, and reshape their relationships to the mass media through common popular texts.


Strangelove, Michael. Watching YouTube: Extraordinary Videos by Ordinary People. University of Toronto Press, 2010

Rebecca Ward Black, Just don’t call them cartoons, Handbook of research on new literacies, New York : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates/Taylor & Francis Group, 2008.

Henry Jenkins, Afterword: the future of fandom, Fandom, Identities and communities in a mediated world, New York University Press,2007.

Henry Jenkins, Textual poachers: television fans and participatory culture,Studies in culture and communication. New York: Routledge. 1992.


the editing is now complete and my video has been exported onto my computer.


… (Alright so I still have to create a youtube channel to put the video on, write a description and make an official bibliography….. but that just doesn’t count.)

So I’m going to go and get back to studying for my organizational behavior class now. Or maybe I’m going to go rent a really bad “B” action movie a la Jet Lee… I’m just not sure yet.

Or maybe, just maybe, this calls for a quiet night of fanfiction reading ;p

P.S. the picture on top is in honnor of our teacher’s Tom Cruise-esk ways last class, standing up on the 3rd row desks, Yelling at the class “It’s the end of the world.” FYI Tom Cruise creeps me out. It’s the only reason  that the movie “Interview with the vampire” is scary to me…

Alright guys and gals, whoever you are, here is my update, way late again…

But there was a real good reason this time! I promise!

The taping process  of my video for the Research project (of doom) is officially complete. Thank god, cause as it turns out I have 3 other mid-terms next week and another project due as well. So now to rediscover how long I can go without sleep, again. Thanks professors! for putting all my deadlines before the reading week.

The first and most basic round of editing is also complete, as I try to figure out the complexities of Imovie. This is the first time that I’ve been frustrated with my mac.

But at any rate, at least I’ve been amused. This great idea came to me when I was in the car, and looking at the footage I’ve shot, I still can’t believe this is going up online… I made this little creepy audio intro as a way to make fun of the stigmas associated with fanfiction and fangirls in the media, and then I tapped myself dressed in various costumes, representing some of the stereotypes of fangirls.

And there is a pirate. Not sure why exactly, there just is.

anyways, going to try and work on my financing in the arts project now.

Till later this weekend, I bid you adieu!

Alright so I skipped my posting last weekend so I’ll make up for it now…

In my defense I blame turkey overload and a crick in my neck from my best friend’s couch…

So this weekend was quite a roller coaster ride when it came to the Research Project (of doom). After hitting my head against a wall for hours on end saturday, I finally came to the depressing conclusion that my thesis statement was no good and wasn’t going to work.

I then went and drowned my sorrows at my friends place and slept over (don’t drink and drive kids!).

And then yesterday, I sucked it up and rewrote my thesis statement and lo and behold it all fell into place. Thank god (with a small “g”  of course) for that.

I now have a tentative full script for my video, it needs to be reworked to become even more coherent of course, but its a good start. I’m nervously hoping that there isn’t too much material cause in this case it’s gonna be easier to add in than take out. So the script testing is still to come.

But I’ve got a video camera and I’m figuring out how Imovie works so I’m pretty optimistic. I want everything but the minor editing done by the end of tomorrow. I’ve got the day off luckily on wednesdays. Next week is going to be scary enough as it is without this project due and not done. Like two mid terms and another project due scary. Thanks teachers for all misguidedly thinking your being helpful by putting all our deadlines before reading week.

Anyways, here is my new, and last, thesis statement:

I would argue that Online fanfiction archives are a mass global platform for the institutionalization of feminine reading practices. A created sphere where women can examine, critique, debate, and reshape their relationships to the mass media through common popular texts.

Till later,

I bid you adieu…

I have to say, I love the tag line to the Fanfiction.net website… It’s a nice use of imagery in the choice of words if I do say myself, which I do…

So, as the title suggests, I’ve finally settled on a basic thesis statement for The Research Project (slowly being nicknamed the Research Project of Doom).

Here it is: New media technologies (fanfiction web sites), have facilitated and expanded the practices of fanfiction readers-writers as cultural critics and producers of popular meaning. These sites do so through facilitating the mechanisms of re-appropriation and dialogue used in the practices of fan sub-culture.

It’s the best I can do to fit all of the information I’ve so far gathered into a frame work that still directly relates to New Media. I’ll have to save everything else I’ve learned and want to discuss for a more open ended class.

I am hoping however to add on or work in other elements and theories into my presentation somehow. Like this neat little tidbit I read today in Jenkins’ Textual Poachers, which brings up the idea that fan criticism is the institutionalization of feminine reading practices, just as the dominant mode of academic criticism is the institutionalization of masculine reading processes.

This is referring to the different ways in which fans approach and read a given text versus the way majority culture prescribes us to read a cultural text. Masculine reading involves deferring in all times to the Author’s authoritative power for deciding meaning, were as feminine reading gives the text somewhat of a life of its own, separate of the author, and therefore allows more room for reinterpretation and debate about the true meanings of the text.

Seeing as 90% of the online fanfiction community is female, I find this element of gendered reading particularly a propos.

Anyways, supper is ready and I for one don’t work that well on an empty stomach so…

Till next time, I bid yo adieu

Alright, so just a short update,

cause its late and I don’t have much to say.

So the only thing I remember clearly from last class is a 4 minute video showing the teacher making a breakfast smoothie, and failing to really understand why I was watching this.

I’m a fair bit more concerned about my Research project right now. I’m still having some issues deciding on a thesis statement. Every time I think I have one pinned down, new things come up for my consideration and I wind up unsure of what angle to take on the subject again.  I really just need to make a decision and stick with it already. It’s starting to  be a little late in the game for this kind fickleness.

Till later, I bid you adieu.

Well, I have to say that yesterday’s class was interesting.

And not just because of the christmas bat song…

I have to admit, that of all the theories that I’ve been exposed to since starting at the University of Ottawa, if there was one that I had to pledge academic allegiance with, it would have to be postmodernism.

I like questions with no singular answer, and when we start delving into the realm of the self, the authentic and the real, we start to get to some of the most  basic concepts of humanity and the most strongly debated. I mention postmodernism because it rejects the idea of metanarratives, which in turn means it rejects the idea of there being one single definition or meaning to any of these terms. Which to me is how it should be. Concepts, definitions and meanings, are merely collective understandings and exist within humans, not the outside world, and so they will forever be changing and transforming to suit our needs or interpretations of reality.

Anyways, that’s become my personal philosophy when approaching Communications and who knows, it may change in time, and that’s alright. But for now, I’m truly enjoying the idea of perpetual uncertainty and endless redefinitions. I know as humans we are supposed to naturally search out and appreciated stability and continuity. But I kind of like the idea of their being  no “real” answer.

Like some who like to stare out into the night sky and feel insignificant, I like to look into the world and structures of meaning around me, and know that my “truth” is no more accurate of permanent than anyone else’s “truth”. Makes life more interesting, ya know?

So I’ve been working on defining my proposal and my thesis statement for The Research Project, and I’m getting somewhere, but I’m still not really sure where that is. I’ve come up with a list of all the major themes I’ve come across when reading essays about fanfiction, and the different angles that people have approached it with. And I’ve sort of figured out which ones relate to each other and seperated it into a few major categories for discussion.

But I’ve been killing myself, asking over and over again, what does it mean? trying to find a personal take on the subject that hasn’t already expertly been said by Henry Jenkins. That man is a gold mine and I still haven’t even read Textual Poachers. Although, for the amount that it is quoted, I already feel like I have.

Basically, I have what I feel is a strong introduction for my subject, I know which major elements of this phenomena I want to discuss, but there is still something missing. Like I have all of my supporting arguments, but I’m still not sure exactly what it is they are supporting…

I think I might need a sounding board, or maybe a decent conversation with the teacher. Things always become easier to understand as you talk them out…

Anyways, I’ve got 3 more library books, maybe one of them has the answer…going to go read them now.

Till next time, I bid you Adieu!

So today’s class was taught by charlie brown…

It’s moments like this morning’s lecture, while watching Myspace butt rape girl’s and Starwars guy’s youtube videos, that I remember how lucky I am that none of my closest friends have more than a casual interest in audio or visual recording devices.

Also, that neither of my parents are tech-savvy enough to think to post any of my childhood memories up online. Like say … my first and only ballet recital, where I’m undeniably caught on tape shoving the girl in front of me, who apparently wasn’t moving fast enough for my tastes. (fyi, that’s also the day of my first documented eye roll at my mother. I was such an adorable 4 year old apparently…)

I guess the point I’m trying to make, is that although I enjoy watching the pain and suffering of others online as much as the next person, 10,000 views just doesn’t seem like a very fair price for my dignity.

And I have to wonder, given that we all have specific legal rights concerning our identity, and the use of footage of our selves or likeness, if someone films us without our permission and puts it online, and this footage hurts our reputation, could we not theoretically sue that person for use of likeness without permission, or defamation of character. Especially if the footage has been altered in any way…

Anyways, the weekend is here and I have lots of reading about fanfiction to do… rather than fanfiction reading, which is usually far more enjoyable, but you never know, the academics may surprise me. I’ve started to have some ideas about how I want to structure my video, and I’ve got all these images in my head. Whether or not I’ll be technically savvy enough to pull it off is yet to be seen…

Till next week,

I bid you adieu.