So I have two posts left to write. My goal is to get this done today. Had I really been smart I would have just taken my last post and split it into two, and then  this would be my last post.  Oh well…

Lets see, lets start with what I remember from last class. The teacher has been wearing this x-mas santa claus hat for the past few classes I guess to get himself into the holiday spirit, and because he seems to enjoy making himself look like a bit of a spectacle when standing up there at the front of class. He then borrowed some girl’s tuque half way through class. It was one of those ski mask hats, that pull down over your face with holes for the eyes and mouth. But in this case it was orange with read stitching, and sort of looked like a mexican wrestling mask. Seeing as the professor was dressed in all orange as well, it made for quite the effect when  he put it on.

Content wise we continued on in the same vain as we have for some time now, taking a mainly critical theory approach to the internet, society, capitalism, etc. The word terrorism worked itself into the discussion. According to Chomsky America is the leading terrorist state and all of that. And the North-American way of living, cubicle life and all of our social norms can be interpreted as a type of psychological terror. It forces us to follow certain rules, limits and regulates our freedoms, etc.

I’m not sure how I actually feel about that. I’m kind of trying to take up the belief that you shouldn’t complain about something, unless you can give an actual solution. We may not always have to like social norms, and they do need to be revised regularly by society in order to be effective. But they do serve a function that we need in society. Like it or not there will always be norms and rules of social conformity. We can work to change what they are, but they are always going to be there, and I think we would be much worse off without them. I guess I’m just feeling that the word terror is a little harsh today. I’m iffy about giving value statements and judgements about an entire system. It’s all too subjective.

Anyways, that is one post down, one to go…

till my next post up shortly, Adieu