So apparently the magic number is 22, And as such I still need three more posts to fulfill my requirements in New Media.

Its been nice taking a break from posting though, things have been so crazy that one less thing on my to do list has been great.  With less than a week of class left, it’s officially go time.

So the teacher commented on the Wikileaks scandal this week in class, and I have to agree with one of my fellow classmates, it seems to me that there really wasn’t anything in there that we didn’t already know anyways so I fail to see the big deal. I wouldn’t put a classic bait and switch beyond our political system, so it does sort of make me wonder if this isn’t detracting our attention from something bigger and more important.

I’m not sure wether the teacher is being relatively repetitive lately in his lectures, or wether it just seems that way because I’ve seen a lot of this material and the basic theories behind it before. We talked a bit about critical theory, and where the debate over meanings take place, and how it is forever a struggle to keep any ideology in place.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the discussion was when he said that our desires match the needs of the marketplace. I thought it was interesting because from a business point of view, marketers would instead say that the market place matches the needs of  consumers. Yet another little chicken egg story in our society.

And we he spoke about the media system as a boxing ring in which we debate meaning, he stated that in 20th century society it was a boxing ring in which the cultural elite from both the left and the right fought it out. In the 21st century, the fight has apparently changed as with the internet the population for better or worse is like a 3rd force in the debate. Suddenly the new media has gone WWE on everyone’s @$$. Which is a mildly entertaining idea, but I’m not quite sure I buy it. A lot, if not most of our perception and opinions are shaped by our environment and the media is a major element of that environment. Our perceptions have already in essence been influenced by the  elite left and the elite right for most of our natural life.

How then can we really have new perceptions and view that truly differ from what either parties are already saying? Wouldn’t we just be confused and watered down versions of what is already there in the ring? Ok sometimes we are even more extreme versions of what was there, usually out of ignorance. Which is even scarier. Not to go Platonian on anyones rear end, but how much power do we really want to be giving to a general  population that is ranked 18th in education among 33 industrialized nations? When democracy becomes a tyranny of the majority, do we really want to go trusting this majority to make the right decisions? Personally, I’m not so sure…

Not to say that it isn’t great that se have an improved chance to make our voices heard, because there are issues on which the elite have failed miserably. And that level of power can create a level of corruption just as bad as anything else. I just think we are being a little optimistic in thinking that a system ripe with Trolling and hate speech that we haven’t heard elsewhere in years, is really going to be a positive influence. It could, but I’m not quite ready to hold my breath, ya know?

I think it’s the process that is revolutionary, not the content.

Till next time, I bid you adieu…