It just occurred to me that this blog is only supposed to last until the 25th of november or something lake that, and as such my blogs are officially numbered.

My last blog was really long and incorporated everything that I really had to say on last week’s classes, so its not like I have much to say this time around.

Subject… subject…. Ah! The American Music Awards were last night. I thought it was nicely ironic that the best new artist and artist of the year was a Canadian. Although considering it’s Justin Bieber, they can keep him. I think what hit me most of the night was to which point most of the signers really weren’t very good. If video killed the radio star, then auto-tune clearly  killer the vocalist. And they wonder why they can’t sell records like they used to…

There were two highlights to the evening. Ke$ha’s performance was one. Not because I particularly like her music or singing, although it wasn’t the worst of the evening by far, but because of her back up dancers. picture these big beefy guys show up in leather  jackets and horrible blond mullet wigs. Then halfway through the lights change and we suddenly realize that they are all also wearing short-shorts, fishnet hose and high heeled pumps. Oh an eyeliner makeup. Considering the importance put on country music on that show and the associated general american sensibilities, it made me laugh.

The second highlight was the NKOBSB performance. I think it has officially been long enough, and I can openly admit that I could still remember all the lyrics to the BSB songs. Oh, they also sang better than most of the other male performers that night. Which is good for them, really sad for everyone else.

Anyways, I’m done babbling,