Heeeeeelloooo out there!

I considered adding a written echo effect to that intro, but I’m feeling a little too lazy this morning.

It’s taking a lot out of me, just to write anything on my blog this week. In good part probably because I have a lot of other projects coming up right now, so I’m focusing more on that work, rather than on some of my New Media readings.

Well there is one interesting thing that I thought I could mention. The teacher keeps talking about our fair use rights when dealing with copyrighted materials, and how we have certain rights when it comes to using it to make parodies, etc. But with a quick internet search, it turns out that we have no such rights in canadian copyright laws. Instead, we have what are called fair dealing laws, which actually give us far less freedom when it comes to the use and manipulation of copyrighted materials.

Luckily though, it would appear that these laws have about as much bite as the laws that deal with music and video downloading and sharing, and therefore very rarely if never actually inconvenience the population at large.

Well I have other classes to attend,

till next time, Adieu.