So I get the feeling I’m going to be seeing a lot of marx, or at least his academic followers for the second half of the semester… just a feeling…

Not that that is a bad thing. This is the part of media studies and communications that I really start to get into. Ideological conflict studies are my favorites, cause it is really never just black or white and I love complex thoughts and puzzles. And concidering this is going to be directly applied to mass behaviours and popular culture, that just makes it all the more fun, cause those sujects really fascinate me.

It is also going to be kind of weird for me this semester. I’m also taking a lot of business classes this semester: financing in the arts, Art org. administration. organizational behavior, and last but certainly not least marketing. I feel kinda like I’m permanently trapped between two ideologies or points of views this semester. Because on the one side I’m seeing how organizations approach and view marketing, the media, the population, and their relationship with these factors. And on the other side, I’ve got communications and media studies critiquing organizations and their roles and relationships to the media.

Needless to say, the points of views that I’m seeing this semester don’t match up the same when trying to explain the roles and wills or corporations. And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure which side of the story is actually closer to the truth.

We talk a lot about how corporations limit our choices and regulate consumers and our culture. And yet from  marketings point of view, companies are merely doing whatever they can to best satisfy the customer, and are only reflecting back in their efforts those values which are already very strong and pre-existent in the consumers. In other words, communications says companies dictate consumer thought, but marketers are taught to be dictated by consumer thought. It is really starting to sound like one of those chicken egg stories. Maybe the real problem isn’t corporations or really any one actor in the system, but that capitalism and  the mass media, as it stands today, has created a truly self perpetuating system of mass group think.  “I was only doing it cause you were doing it.” “you were following our values? but we were only following your values!”

It’s hard to think objectively about our own culture and to really take a step back to examine it with truly neutral eyes. And because we are all increasingly sharing the same culture with such mass distribution of cultural artifacts and meanings. I wonder if it might actually be becoming harder as our cultures slowly meld together in some incredible patchwork quilt.

Anyways, I’m rambling, there isn’t really a point at this point…

On another subject, I might start to get picky if he keeps bringing up the music industry. I feel like the situation is a lot more complex economically and structurally that he has let on so far. Having taken a music industry, music marketing, and introduction to entertainment law class, I’m a bit of a music nerd and not easily impressed by generalizations. Some people, especially at labels are truly hurting because of illegal down loading. Those people aren’t really the artists though for the most part. They just like to say that because it’s easier to feel bad for the artists then it is to feel bad for the labels after years of putting both us the consumers, and the artists through the ringer.

Not to say that artists can’t make a lot of any money from record sales, but the brunt of it does go back to the label, and a lot of CDs have to be sold before the artist sees a penny from it. Which is why more and more artists are heading back to the road more seriously, where they get a much bigger cut of the profits, both for performance and merch sales. And this side of the music industry is booming. The record industry, not so much.

Well, my fingers are cold. I think I’m going to go turn the heat up in the house now. Adieu!