So I went and saw Paranormal activity yesterday,

Didn’t sleep most of the night and had a near panic attack when my dad came back home at like 5 A.M. and wandered around the kitchen making oatmeal.

I really need to stop getting talked into seeing these stupid movies… My imagination is clearly not my friend here.

Still working on various projects for school and I got a bit more ahead in my readings for new media. I’m now somewhere in the first half of the 6th chapter of watching YouTube. I’d be farther along, but I got sucked into a live streaming of John Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity instead. Kind of ironic since the 6th chapter is about politics and conflict and such.

If you get the chance, look the rally up on google and read some of the articles about it, especially the ones that feature his closing speech. Or better yet, I’m sure it’s already made its way onto YouTube by now somewhere. For all the humor and the ridiculousness, he makes some really interesting  and valid points about our media system both in the USA and in North America as a whole. And although it seems silly and down right un-responsible to take a spoof and satire comedy show seriously, I can’t help but allocate credit where credit is due, for intelligent argument and reasoning. I think what’s really silly is that I live in a world where I feel I can put more trust it the truths and reasonings of a comedy show personality, then in my media and news system. Now that is really sad.

The pictures I posted are of some of the signs at the rally. There is a list going around of the 100 best posters and I thought these ones were great and had to share.

Till class resumes this week and I have something new to share,

I bid you, Adieu!